Friday, July 20, 2012


Wow that week went by fast.  Last Friday it hit me early in the morning that I had a 50th wedding anniversary party on saturday to go to and had not even thought of a gift.  Like, not even crossed my mind!!  So being the crafty person I can be sometimes, I choose to make them something.  Researched it and found this cute saying and I had all the supplies at home to make it what it became. Loved it!  Of course I did mess up a bit, but no one will ever know. OH WAIT, I just told you.  haha.  Nah! it was nothing a little panic and paint wouldn't cure! Check it out.  Also, like most of my things, they are available on
Then work kept me busy most of this week.  When is vacation? lol.  The boy decided to try the "great escape" with his crib.  Can't believe he will be 2, almost potty trained and out of a crib!! Just makes me realize how much I really want a little girl.   Well, here is to hoping!! Till then, I will be crafting away! Did I mention the hubsters helped me clean out the garage so I would have space to finish my projects??!? I think he really does love me after all...awwwwweee. :)

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