Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bring The Rain

Goodness, it’s been a long week and its only Wednesday!!!! ;)

I have to share my boating story with a few of my readers. Last week Will traded his motorcycle for a boat (McKee craft 2001), in essence a fishing boat. We were really excited but a little sad to see the bike go. So to celebrate this grand thing we decided to have a picnic on an island. We figured we could spend some time alone and break in the new toy. So Sunday was the day.

Sunday started out grand! Wonderful sermon at church and beautiful day, what more could you ask for? We got out to the island about 1:30 and enjoyed our packed lunch. As we were eating, I noticed in the distance some clouds along with some rain, but it was in the distance. So we finished eating and were packing up and I looked up and said to Will "that storm is moving in REALLY quickly, what should we do?" Through some deliberation we decide to head back, not wanting to risk getting caught in it. Well, we did. It was so bad we couldn't see in front of us, rain was quickly coming into the boat and the seas were high. I just kept praying that God would steer us out. We made it to the bridge for some covering meeting 10 other boats there as well. I took off my hat and started shoveling out water. Eventually we made it back and when we got home, took a nap.

Well, I was anxious to get out on the boat again for another try at it, hoping I wasn't bad luck. I may have been wrong.

Last night............About 8:00pm, Will: I am going to take the boat out for some quick fishing. Me: Wait, I wanna go! Will: C'mon!

We get out there, beautiful night but no fish, so we decided to cruise for a bit. Then it happens, the motor just stops working. Ugh! My heart is racing as I ask Will, "What are we going to do?" He is calm, as he starts working at it, quickly goes to the trolling motor and assures me that we can get back on that it will just take awhile. Now for some that might not know, the troller motor moves at a snail speed and is hooked up to a battery. Now my concern at the time was that the battery would not get us the whole way home. We were not out too far, but you have to go around islands to get back which makes it seem longer.
During this time it was mostly quite on the boat as me and Will just prayed and had our own thoughts. We tried not to be irritated with each other, but ya know that’s hard. Then of course some of my thoughts went to "why?" And thought God was trying to use this to show us something. The only thing I came up with was, no more boat trips for me! I remember one thought in both circumstances where I was thinking, "Bring it on!" Give me your best! Bring the rain!" Sometimes when looking back we can see how we truly were strengthened in our marriage and ourselves by one event in our lives. God is just kinda cool that way.

So, it took us 4 hrs to get home. And then we didn't even make it to the dock. Will was quick to think of a place at the edge of the bridge that drops off into the water that we can get to and then walk to the truck. So we went this route. We made it home. I still don't believe that this actually happened.