Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So we have been busy since our big move.  Our Dice sets have been a big hit this year for Father's day!  I always love seeing new trends take height and apparently this was one of them. 

Each dice is done by hand by me from the cutting to the smooth sanding.  It definitely takes it toll on my hands when I am finally finished but the outcome is always worth it.  

I wonder what July's big trend will be?  Also for July we will be closing for 2 weeks at the end of the month to prepare for the Fall items and take a much needed break.  Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, June 6, 2014


We have recently moved into our new home that I will be sharing more of on each room and the design and decor that follows, but first wanted to share my "unexpected gift".  

This move has been difficult, plain and simple.  But probably not in the way you would think.  Sure my feet hurt and I have that spot of paint on my arm that refused to go away no matter how many times I scrub it with soap.  Sure I have a bruise on each knee from the moving truck tow ball thingy that apparently is just my height...SWEET JESUS that hurt.  But it has been hard because of my attachment to my small now run down rental home.  It was the house that holds so many memories and if I could I would buy it so no one else could have it! I had the best neighbors that a person could ever ask for and it so hard to say goodbye.  

So it doesn't help that on the way home late last night from visiting family that is down for my brother's wedding, my son cried that he wanted to go home to his "old home".  It was difficult to find the words to try and explain to a 3 yr old that its not our home anymore that we have a new home, especially when in some way I wanted to pull in that driveway instead myself. 

Its all a process that we go through, the battle between feeling so overwhelmed with this blessing of a new home and having to say goodbye to the other that was also the blessing that we needed at that time.  

So on this ride home when my son finally fell asleep I drove by our old house and in the dark of night it looked so lonely and as if it could talk, maybe missed us as well.  

I pulled into our new home driveway, scooped up my son out of his car seat and made that dark walk to my new door. I unlocked it with my one free hand and as I went to walk in, there it was. A small package in the little light that my porch allows , waiting for me.  I can't even be sure when it arrived because where it was placed it could have been there for a day or so, but tonight, it was in just the right amount of light to be noticed.  I bent down child in arms and brought it inside and set it down while I put the boy down in his bed. I walked back and opened it right up to find The Sweetest Gift. 

A book from one of my favorite blogs I follow on making a house a home and this beautiful hand made needle work of my State and button for my hometown in the colors of my new office.  You see the person that sent this I don't think knew this blog was one of my favorites and I am not sure she even knew that these were going to be my new office colors but somehow manage to make it the sweetest gift and so amazingly at the right time.  If you have not read this book you might want to pick it up or even follow the blog thenester.com because she is spot on about making your home into something that you share with the people you love. 

For the wonderful person that sent this, Sabrina from Neverlandnook.com .  You have become such a beautiful friend and I am so thankful.