Monday, February 9, 2009

"To Fast For God"

Ok, so our Pastor has asked the church body to fast this week, yeah, hungry already.

Actually I am looking foward to this. The pastor brought up a good point yesterday about doing this with your mate and how beneficial that this will be for our relationship with God. So not only are we coming together to pray for our country, but praying for our marriage as well during this struggling time.

Will and I are taking different approaches to the fast, by fasting certain things. I suggested fasting tv but he didn't seem very

So I will keep you posted on what God is doing with us during the week. I am looking foward to spending some much needed time with God.

Cheers to water!



Amy Spahr said...

HA! who knew you had a blog?? not me! ya lil stinker!
cheers to water... i love it! :)
happy fasting.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Steph. God is going to blow your mind this week!

(cheers- with pomegranate juice)

I've bookmarked your blog so that I can check back and get an update.