Tuesday, February 10, 2009


That's just it, Attitude. I have only been on this fast for one day and already I found myself loosing touch of what it all means. Last night my computer was acting REALLY slow and irritated me to death. I was trying to disconnect my ipod so that I could go on my nightly walk and it was not letting me, so I got really angry.

And then I stopped, sat down and said, "wait a minute", is this really the kind of attitude God wants me to have during this fast, I mean shouldn't I be a little more Zin natured?

So I closed my eyes and prayed that the Lord would give me the right attitude and maybe I prayed that my computer would stop being so stupid! lol. After I took that moment everything fell right into place. The computer was working fine and I was out the door and the rest of the night was right on target.

So I realized that I got so caught up in the feeling of just not eating and sometimes my focus is on that. But really If I asked God if he wanted me to fast and I felt led that this is what he wanted, shouldn't I have a better attitude?

So my prayer for this morning is that my attitude will reflect my heart.


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Kathleen said...

Great Attitude. Sometimes I find you have to step back from situations that aren't going how you want and say Ok, What the heck am I supposed to learn here because God has something up his sleeve. Keep up the good work!