Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Discouraged Thoughts

Is it because I am getting older, I ask myself quietly while working.

The reason I ask this of myself is because it seems as though more and more friends of mine are going through personal trials and not just any trials, trials of health. We cry out to God Saying, "WHY?"

It has been in my life experiences that I have found that God has a reason for EVERYTHING that He does. Whether it be good, tough times or the best of times, there was surely a reason.

But sometimes you just become so fustrated within your own heart for friends that are hurting that you throw everything you know to be true right out the window.

My heart hurts today. I wanted to run outside in the stormy weather and scream! Throw my fist in the air and say with all my strenght, "please God, please heal them." But my friends can relax and hang up on the looney bin, I did not. My anger rages within me. Not for my own life but for those around me who hurt.


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