Thursday, April 25, 2013


Where do I even begin to describe this month?  It has been a roller coaster of feelings and continues.   

From wanting to buy a house and still not being ready, to being successful with my Etsy shop and still not having the time I want to put into it, but still being very thankful for being busy and meeting such incredible people along the way.  But it constantly seems as though the goals the husband and I have set are not obtainable.  It is discouraging.  We also battled with some more sickness, I think my tonsils were swollen for 2 weeks. Something I never want to experience again.  A Rustic Homemade non successful flea market appearance (which was alot of work), to a 75th surprise Birthday party for my grandmother for which my oldest brother, niece and nephew came to visit.  It was very busy.

Then to top of that, my toddler son is going through the extreme fits phase.  What is that ALL ABOUT??!?!!?  He is a boy, we are not suppose to have these issues with him, right?  I mean its EXTREME!  From any given moment you don't even know what will set him off.  It could be touch of the hand to taking off his shoes.  It really is severe.  I hope it ends soon or there will be no more children, he will be an only child.  lol

One thing that the husband and I have started, which was one of our goals, is to finally loose the weight we have gained since we were married, or even started dating.  I think I put on close to 100 pounds.  There, there it is for all cyperspace to see.  Took me 6 years, but yes I put on that much weight!!  NOW that is severe.   I actually told my husband the other night that I think I am addicted to food.  He laughed and said " might be".  Thanks.   But seriously, I love food.  I love the different flavors, cultures and so on.  Plus I love cheese.  That doesn't help either.  But so far so good, lost 7lbs so far. Hey! I will take it!

So I need to stay encouraged and set out on the path God has for me.  Its just going to be a long summer I think because there are so many goals we as a family have to make happen.  But when you have God in your heart there is a reassurance that comes that even though it hard and you may second guess it sometimes you have a peace, a peace that certainly passes ALL understanding.  Its heart warming. 

So I leave with this, Giant Yard Dice!  I am in love with them.  I hope others think the same.  They are fun to make and it helps me with my stresses of life.  You can purchase them HERE in my shop.

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