Monday, April 8, 2013


WOW!  Just WOW!  I don't know where my energy level came from this weekend but I am not going to questions it and thank Jesus for all that he has given me.  

Saturday I was fortunate enough that my Mother-n-law was willing to watch little guy so that I could finish some building projects, Thank you Cindy!!  Other than the sunburn I obtained it was rather successful.  Actually I guess that makes the sun successful too.  No thank you sun, no thank you.  Later that night I choose to tackle finishing the master bedroom.  I only made a dent but it was a really good one.  

Sunday is where the second wind comes in to play.  Little man has been waking up really early coughing and not being able to go back to sleep and with the husband working overnights it sums up to me not getting rest.  But thankfully my body is getting used to a few hours.  I started with waking up and looking at my coffee table and saying..."hmmm..I think I am going to finish that today." Usually it really is a good idea to not have 3 projects in your home going at once, but I was sure I could finish it in a reasonable time.  I had already measured out the length days before when I was supposed to finish it so all I had to do was get the placement of the boards the way I want and get the coloring down.  I finished the cuts and started the distressing look.  I had an idea that I wanted a sort of driftwood and white wash look but wasn't sure I was going to obtain that certain look.  And at first it had looked like I had made them too dark so I added some more white and then sanded them.  I could have not been happier with the outcome.. I find myself just steering at it in the living room. It took me around 30-45 mins to finish the table and that is cutting, painting and installing.  Not too bad.  Then i cleaned the house so it will REALLY showcase our new addition.  


I finished it off with dark green colored deck screws to give it more of a rustic driftwood feel.  More pics? Sure ok!! Also notice I finally hung my deer silhouette. 

I have more pictures of the finished result of little man's room but that will have to be a post for later maybe even along with our master bedroom that has endured I think 5 changes this year alone.  lol, I still don't think I am happy with the comforter but I am too afraid to tell my husband I want to change it.  

So that was my second wind.  Woke up at 5am and didn't go to sleep until after midnight because I did finish cleaning our room when I told myself I did not want too after coming home from shopping with my mom and sister.  Secret was I got some REALLY cute night stand lamps for the room and wanted to showcase them. I love Target.  

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