Thursday, April 4, 2013


So this past week was Easter Sunday and it was a pretty good one.  Although it felt as little as we were just going through the motions with our WHOLE house sick AGAIN! Husband and I actually got sick the same day after we took little man to the doctor and he ended up with a sinus and ear infection!  We asked why this was happening and we were told, "deal with it now or deal with it the first year of school".  Ok, we will take that as a legitimate excuse for now....but not for long. 

We started the weekend off by trying to go to Laporte Farms here in Sebastian to their annual Easter Egg Hunt, yes while all sick.  I was not letting this thing get the best of a holiday especially holiday fun as this....or so I thought.  Little man was HORRIBLE. I mean...HORRIBLE.  And that's all I want to relive on that subject.  

Then Easter Sunday started early with sunrise service..with a 2 year old (don't think I will be doing that next year) and then Breakfast with the husband's family.  His 2 sisters were in town from Tampa so we enjoyed some good family time especially with our new niece Sophia. Man she is a cutie AND A DIVA.  Whew..Emily and Peter have their hands full.   We also joined them for regular service at their church, and actually the church where husband and I met...awwww.  AND THEN later that evening I got even sicker and had to go to the walk in Monday am to get medicated, so I missed more work :( Again, that is all I want to relive on that subject. 

Easter Morning..Yes those are Monster Trucks.

Sophia, Emily and Jackson


Although as many as my friends know, that does not stop me from creating and building.  I am one of those people's who's minds do not stop, it is seriously always dreaming of making and creating new things.  It is a blessing and a curse.  Sometimes it does not allow me to even rest at night but then such beautiful things are created.  Like little man's new big boy room. Taking plans from the Shanty Girls and Ana White I made one of their beds and almost the nightstand to match until I came up with something different.  AND I have some pictures this time!!! woohoo!  Keep in mind that the room is not done and is in process but I have to share so that when it is finally done I can look back at the progress.  So rewarding...

Can you guess how many times I have had to make his bed to take a picture throughout the whole process. Yeah, like 8 times.  7 times too many.  lol.  I plan to put a truck decal on the "R' so that is why it is tilted and another nightstand on the side that is missing one.  It is coming along.  The design for the bed is also the Shanty Girls.  

This is the Monster Truck I ordered from a shop on Etsy called DecoModWalls.  Ann was so kind and gracious to custom make this truck into the large one you see here and little man cannot stop saying "MONSTER TRUCK".  It really makes the room.

AH YES, here is the nightstand.  I love it!  The idea just came to me.  I am sure there are versions out there but I took a plan from the Shanty Girls and again made it my own.  It is a trunk where he can put most of his trucks and other things he might want to hide away from pesky moms and it has wheels that match the whole truck theme of the room.  I wanted bigger wheels but they were almost $6 a piece and then times 8, equals more than I can spend.  Instead I went with these that are $3 a piece. I think it still looks good and still remains safe for a very active toddler boy.  I still need to make one more and hopefully will finish that tonight.  

I am excited to finally be accomplishing his big boy room even though we hope to move out of this house soon, but at least his room with have some of a set up.  Plus I think it gives him a sense of having his own space and he seems to be staying in his bed at night and not coming into ours.  Bonus!

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