Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This post is a little behind but that is how my WHOLE life is these days.  I feel as though I am constantly running to keep up leaving a whirlwind of disaster behind me.  Example, this morning I picked up everything to take with me to work and apparently somewhere in there I sat my lunch down a forgot to pick it back up.  Didn't even realize it till my husband called and said "do you know your lunch is on the foyer table?"  Nope, sure didn't.  So ok, I will have to buy lunch today.  Order lunch, look for wallet, there is no wallet.  Whats that?  I left it in the backpack I used for Sunday and its still there AT HOME! Yeah, so basically I have been driving around for 2 days, and no wallet.  Smooth. 
BUT I am trying to focus on my accomplishments and leave the failures behind.  Its hard, but it is good to stay positive and I NEED a lot of positive these days.  The husband and I are starting a new life of eating healthy and we wanted to have a garden to support that, fresh herbs, veggies and so forth.  Not wanting to spend too much on things to put them in that didn't fit our space, I went to building.  My ultimate FAVORITE upon FAVORITE past time.  I used some of my old pallet planters for the front porch for most of my herbs and I made a garden box for the tomatoes, peppers and hopefully cucumbers.  So with 2 1x8 boards and half of a 4x4 I had in my garage I made this lovely.  

We love it.  And my husband whom actually has a green thumb waters his plants with pride.  I also called this his Father's Day present.  BONUS! 

I actually have another posted drafted about my desk I made and a wonderful tantrum my son had while visiting IKEA this past weekend.  Must document that one for his graduation, the little stinker! 

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