Friday, May 10, 2013


It has been a discouraging couple of weeks.  And when that happens I try to read back through the things that somehow made it a little bit better.  Here is one. (pic is a little distorted) 

This is what I need to hang in my office at home so I can constantly remind myself  that there are stepping stones.  Some people are lucky to have made it right away, others, it took awhile.  I am just so anxious because I finally am doing something I love, but only part-time and its killing me.  I mean destroying personal relationships and my health.  I am constantly trying to find the balance and ALL I CAN  think is, I want to do it Full time.  But God is constantly reminding me that once again, there is a time for EVERYTHING, BUT one catch, in his time.  I just wish HIS time was My time right now.  lol. 

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