Monday, June 25, 2012


Yes, It is Monday. That is the saying I tell myself throughout the day.  Hoping that I can get over the stereotypical blues that come along with that word.  And Notes to self:  Coffee, 2 or 3 cups helps.

So this weekend was rainy which with anyone that knows me knows that usually depresses me.  I love Florida and the sunny days.  I am one of the few Floridians that looks forward to Summer.  I love the smell of sunscreen and burning flesh. haha, no but I do love the smell of sunscreen.   But this weekend was the opposite. So I spent it indoors with the husband and toddler.  Yes, they are still alive. I know that is what your asking yourself. lol.   I spent my time working on my living room project and using the husbands time to hang a few things while telling him to keep his opinions to himself.  It is coming along nicely but the lack of funds has brought it to a slow halt. Here is a teaser picture.  Disclaimer  Not the best lighting and not the best picture taken. The final ones will be a bit better. 



Also I wish I had a picture of my bright red ottoman to show you.  Funny story.  So I want to use my ottoman in the playroom and as extra seating when family is over but the red with just not go with anything that I have in my house now so I went looking for slipcovers last week.  So far I found one at Walmart for just the right price but was going to wait to get it until the other changes were done. wonderful son had other plans.  Just so happens that since he is already 3ft TALL, he can in fact reach alot of things that the normal toddler cannot.  That is a very useful fact mothers of tall children might like to know.  He discovered our pin jar on top of computer desk.  Yes, you know where this is going.  As I remain in the living room painting away while he plays in his room with his toys (so I thought) discovered a wonderful wand that produces a design when its tip touches objects.  Such as my door that leads to the garage and my bright red ottoman.  Also Notes to self: Make sure new slipcover at Walmart is washable and maybe ink resistant.  lol.

Happy Monday Friends!

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