Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been dying to be able to make my own Family Rules sign.  I went looking for them and they are so expensive and just don't have the right phrases to fit our family. We are serious but REALLY silly.

So back to pinterest to get ideas.  I came across this ladies blog Market Nine Home and she did her desk with a print out/modge podge transfer.  I thought to myself "how brilliant!, why have I not heard of this before?"  So I decided to start small, first try and do a "Family established sign" that you see so much of lately and that way I won't be too heart broken when it doesn't work.  My heart is still burned from the curtain experience.  lol.  So I found some scrap wood (yes we have that laying around)  that my husband wanted to throw away and I brilliantly said, no wait, I might use that!  Yeah, eat your words now buddy!!  I then painted the wood yellow after sanding it and cleaning it off, I will admit, there were a few bugs.  Then did the transfer...........Then had to wait a unpatiently 3 hours!!  And when I took the paper off at 12:30am, (yeah I stayed up), it was like a miracle.  See for yourselves....

I love it!! It will go perfectly over my new foyer table.  Even the hubby was impressed!!  But don't fret, you too can have one for yourself, see my sign at

Next post will hopefully be my funny, silly, serious family rules sign.  :)


Amy Reece Spahr said...

Love it! you crazy pinterest girl..

Our happy poor life said...

You know you want one. I wonder how much postage would be to India?