Friday, June 22, 2012


Alot has happened since I last posted something on my blog.  But that really shouldn't be surprising since alot of stuff usually does happen in 3years!!!!  lol.

Well we had a baby, an awesome boy.  He shall be called Jackson or "tank" as some people call him.  That will have to be a story I share some other time.

What brings me back to my blog you ask?  Well that shall be called Pinterest!!!  My second or third love, depends on if I love my husband on the day that you ask.  And that usually depends on if he remembered to take the trash out...why is that so hard?  Anyways....Pinterest.  The place where I can make all my DIY projects come true.  Right now I am working on my living room, painting and converting dark colors into light colors.  Picture will hopefully come soon and that my friends depends on when I complete said project.  With working full time, a busy toddler and a husband that is not home during the week, painting and crafting at 11pm is not ideal, but it is what I have resorted too.

Don't write me off yet....stay tuned!!


Amy Reece Spahr said...

you crazy girl :) just got done telling Arun how amazing and FUNNY you and Will are!
We'll try our best to visit when we're in the States.

Our happy poor life said...

You better Amy!! I know your coming in August, I put it on my mental calendar.