Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have failed horribly at keeping up with my blog.  I promised myself I would try to journal these times for my son so as my memory fades he will look back and know I was one cool mom.  Ok maybe just look back and say glad he made it out alive.  Either way it would be documented.

The Etsy store has taken most of my free time that I used for writing this blog and I have to say, I am loving it!  I get to know so many awesome people.

Life has been hectic as Jackson has started preschool and the adapting process was a bit rough and recently we finally had a breakthrough, he didn’t cry or grab for my leg when I have been dropping him off...YAY!

I think we are going to make it….

The month of February was especially difficult because we ALL kept getting sick.  I think we had 4 visits to the Pediatrician, 2 visits to the walk ins, and 5 days out of work.  It was a trying month.  But here we are, on the mend and looking forward to family visiting us soon and Easter.  I even got a really girly Easter dress to wear.  Yeah, that's right, I get a new dress for Easter just like I have done since I was 5. So what?! lol 

I really do hope to post more pics of us going through this life we lead but I am in the process of trying to start a blog for my business, so that is also taking some time away from this one I started so many years ago. 

This weekend the husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary, 5 years!  Its actually not until the 22nd, but the husband has to work, so you take what you can get, right?  I also got a dress for that occasion.  What? I like dresses.  So if you keep up with my blog, hang in there, I promise I won't always be boring and I promise to post more pics so you won't have to suffer through my bad grammar and spelling without pics.  haha.


Amy Reece Spahr said...

miss your humor Steph!

Our happy poor life said...

AMY WE MISS YOU!!! Come back soon, please?!!