Thursday, March 21, 2013


This should be my new blog title!  lol.  Life is never dull with my only child.  Right now he has moved from obsession with trains to trucks.  And not just any trucks "MONSTER TRUCKS".  Given all caps because it is meant to be said with some enthusiasm like the boy says it EVERY time.  He also loves the Cars series. Well the husband and I were walking through Walmart, our least favorite place, when we happened upon a Cars Tshirt.  BUT not just any run of the mill cheesy animated character Tshirt.  These Cars characters got it, MONSTER TRUCKS!  And with a $6 price tag it was definitely going home with us. 

So this am we had our normal routine of running late for preschool and I for work when I had the brilliant idea that the boy should wear the new shirt.  He would not stop saying "queen" and "MONSTER TRUCK" over and over.  It was adorable.  However what was not adorable was were the events that followed.  I live in Florida, why was it 55 degrees outside the first day of Spring?  Luckily I had a sweatshirt for the boy in the car so we hopped in and headed to school.  Before I went to get the boy out of his car seat I put the sweatshirt on him to keep him warm until the sun decided to show up. WELL, he was not happy that I, me, apparently a foolish mom slash woman covered up the beloved MONSTER TRUCKS to the point that he could no longer see them.  What in the world was I thinking?!?! 

He survived, sucked it up and walked into his classroom where we quickly took it off and he proceeded to point at his chest with that foolish grin and say "queen! MONSTER TRUCKS!". 

On another note about school, one of his favorite teachers told me with amazement that she had never seen a 2yr old that actually knew ALL the letters and numbers.  I told her that while he does not know them in the order they go in, He has known them for some time.  I felt a little vindicated because I always say how smart he is, but feel like people just think because I am his mom I have to say that.  NOPE, he is a genius and other people are starting to catch on! Booya!  haha.  LOL, Just so whomever reads this and doesn't think I am full of myself, my son who is a blonde still occasionally runs into walls because he walks looking up.  OK OK, he does it alot!  Poor kid.  

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