Monday, January 21, 2013


DaycareReally I have too?  I can't just stay home with my baby and cuddle till lunch time?  Sometimes you have to just say, "life isn't fair".  We have come to the point that due to other circumstances that we have to put our little guy in daycare.  It is painful for me and is randomly bringing on tears.  There are positives of course, I don't mean to make it out like it is really horrible.  Its just horrible to me because the other option is me staying home with him and that sounds WAY better!  He will be with one of his best buds and other kids his age.  He will probably love it, as he already straps his little Thomas the train backpack on and says "bus" and heads for the door.  Really? I mean can I get one tear?!  Your killing me kid.

But here is where this blog helps me.  I think at least Jackson will know that I didn't really want to say goodbye to him each morning and sometimes I cried when I left him. And he will know that I (we) did what we had to support for him.  And that in a perfect and more planned out world things would be different.  

I will get through this as I do everything, build more items for my Etsy store. HA! Yes, last night while stressing about who was going to watch my son I built a beautiful serving tray. I hope to have it listed sometime later this week.  But with each nail I let out my frustration.  So I hope whomever buys it will know they are getting a work of art and something that will never come a part.  LOL.

Stay tuned my few followers...I think there is 2!  Sad.  Are you sure you guys want to know what goes on inside my head?  Think about it.

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