Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Here I sit in amazement that a month has gone by and I have not posted a blog.  I look back and a few words come to mind, thankful, busy and optimistic.  

Lets do THANKFUL first....
Thankful for my husband's new job, for the unexpected bonus for each of us, for the paying down our debt so we are closer to buying our house, for a beautiful Christmas (and Christmas tree), for family, for the success of my Etsy store and most for each other. It has been a long year and alot has changed.  Just this morning as I was dropping my son off at my Mother n Law's she said that God's word to her for the New Year was "change".  I think that really applies.  I feel good about 2013 but then again I feel good about every new start of the year so I can't say that is truly different.  BUT.. I do feel this is the year to finally shed those unwanted pounds and to accomplish alot of goals financially that we have been setting out to do for awhile.  So I think that might cover THANKFUL and OPTIMISTIC.  haha.

I think this is the word most used in my blog.  It was my first December having an Etsy shop and to my surprise I was Busy.  But I also have a full time job which is something most blog and Etsy owners do not have.  It is hard balancing my life and to be honest my husband gets the shaft most of the time. Poor Guy.  I hope to spend more alone time with him in 2013, ESPECIALLY since we will be married for 5 years!!!  It may seem like a little number to some, but it is a long road for us.  Alot has happened good and bad and we are still here.  I want to be very happy and proud about that. 

So CHRISTMAS 2012 rundown....
Jackson to my surprise enjoyed the unwrapping present fiasco.  With each tiny rip to uncover tools, trucks and trains it was followed up with the words..."open".  He was adorable.  This year we made Jackson a tent for his room or reading nook.  Depends on what Jackson decides to do with it. ha!  And we are in the process of changing his room from Nursery to little boy room.  Sad face.  BUT I think he will be happy with the change and the new bed I AM GOING TO MAKE HIM!! WHAT?!?!?! Crazy..haha
I do have pictures and video to share, but our new computer is coming Thursday, YAY!!! so they will have to be posted in a separate/special blog.  :) 

So I am excited about a book I got for Christmas.  Ana Whites's book.  I call her the DIY Queen.  The husband thinks that is funny.  She has really inspired me to live my dream of building furniture and things for my home. So I started out slow, built some shelves this weekend.  Yeah they are awesome.  Pictures?  Why yes, yes I do.  They will also be in that special post AFTER the new FANCY computer arrives. 

All in all, we are happy.  May not be happy physically but we are very happy about what is to come.  I pray for whomever reads this blog that you know that we don't claim to do this on our own, God brought us to this point.  Why although we don't claim to be perfect or right with everything we do, we ultimately thank God for everything we have and will do.  Be encouraged that everything is in his time and plan even if it is heartbreak and hard times. 


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