Monday, December 3, 2012


So I thought about my blog last night and said to myself, I think its been awhile since my last post.  One of my goals for a year is making sure I continue to write stuff on here so that Jackson can look back on it and know me when I still had a working brain. HA! 

Thanksgiving came and went and I still have not decorated for Christmas.  I have so many ideas for my shop and just not enough time to complete them and so far it is taking all of my available thinking brain space.  I reorganized my shop this past weekend to make it more user friendly so that hopefully I can create some stock so that most items will be ready for shipment as soon as ordered.   
We will see...

Jackson has figured out how to escape his crib so its time for a toddler bed. Is it ok that I am not ready for selfish reasons?  Like the early 7:30 am wake up call on the weekends saying "hi mom".  Yeah, I am not ready.

Oh I also cleaned off a spot for my newly/used acquired elliptical that is hopefully going to finally allow me to shed these unwanted pounds. We will see....

I wish had some sort of pictures to post of the boy or even the shop, but sadly I do not because that would require some more time on my part.  HA!  But I do have some from last month of my house before the "tornado" named Us went through.  And as always visit me at my Etsy store


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