Thursday, October 25, 2012


SO BUSY!  We are busy preparing for Jackson's 2nd birthday party this week.  AND on top of that the husband has had two really good job offers to bring him closer to home instead of driving 1 hour each way.  AND my shop on Etsy, Rustic Homemade, has had a sudden surge of customers.  Thank you so much Etsy buyers, you have no idea how much I love and thank you for not only giving me business but allowing me to do what I love.  So I think the statement when it "rains it pours" could apply here, but in a positive way.  

I also wanted to make sure I make a note about Jackson's birthday day yesterday because..well...I want him to read about it one day JUST in case I forget everything!

I started by taking the day off from work.  Woke up, made him blueberry pancakes...Ummm..yum.  I used Bisquick mix and jiffy blueberry muffin mix, added some egg beaters and water and once again...YUM! 
Then Hubby had to work on his gift from Nana and Pap and I am happy to report it is completed. After probably a million pieces and an manual that resembles a large novel. 

 The Cabin

The Hubby actually finished it with the assistance of Pap while we went and got haircuts and saw the Doctor for Jackson's 2 year follow up.  And when we came home he was quick to check it out. 


Then we went to the mall for a late lunch early dinner.
THEN...A trip to the Arcade because Jackson saw the motorcycle.  
Dad was MORE than willing.
We also decided to buy Jackson a fish as his Birthday present to be our pet, since I do not have time for a dog and a cat is completely out of the question.  We didn't name him/her yet but for now we call it "Fish".
Then the rest is just boring and consist of me working on Etsy orders.  No, there are no pictures of me in my work clothes people, I know, its heart breaking.  There will be more posts next week as we are also dealing with a Category 2 hurricane named "Sandy" that is going to brush along our coast and the last time that happened we had some Tornado's touch down.  YIKES!  

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