Friday, October 19, 2012


No rest for the crafty at heart!! 
 Ha!  I am trying to finish most of my unfinished house projects in preparation for the boy's 2nd Birthday party...Its going....ok.  

I finally got everyone least I hope so.  Now here comes the waiting to set your plans in motion part.  You plan plan plan, but unless you can actually do it, it lingers over you like a bad headache.  

On another note, I was going through pictures the other day and ran across some of our pictures from our random Tampa trip to see my SIL to find out what she is having...ITS A GIRL!!!  While we were there we went to Busch Gardens.  The boy really liked the Monkeys and shows we got to see while there but missed seeing the birds.   BUT Shhhhhhh......we are taking the boy to the Zoo for his actual birthday next week.  He is going to FREAK!  In a good way...

From Busch Gardens/Tampa

Jackson kept saying "monkeeee...monkeee".  It was truly one of the cutest sounds.  He is madly in love with Curious George so this was quite the moment for him.  
The Monkees even came right over to the glass and said "hello".  
At least I think that is what they did, I don't speak Monkeeeee.

CONGRATS Em on your upcoming girl.  We can't wait to meet her!!!

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