Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Just that, where have I been?  I have so neglected my blog the past couple of weeks.  And I really started doing it so that I would have some diary of sorts to show the boy when he gets older.  So if I don't post happenings then it is all kind of useless. lol. 

I have been working on a few projects in between working and adjusting to the husbands new schedule. Overnights..YUCK! The first few nights were nice, I will admit it.  I had the bed to myself, the blanket, no weird smells, and my own snoring to soothe the neighbors.  But after a while, it gets really lonely.  I hope they end soon.  So, since I have trouble sleeping, its craft time!! Below are a few boards I have been working on, some to sell on and a few for the house. 

I love creating graphic images and the whole process.  So when I get on a trend it tends to consume me.  I hoping to get these finished and hang the ones I am keeping and post pictures.  I love the idea of always remembering how our son came about.  For that I had taken the idea from Pinterest and would post a link to the ladies blog, but I can't remember which one it was. :(  The others are my design. 

Black doors you ask? What ever happen to the black doors? haha. WELL....I did two doors.  I have one picture but it is in my foyer and hard to get an angle that you can really see.  I love them.  I want to finish the doors but it takes a few coats and time. But I am hoping to finish by the end of the month.  It makes such a difference in the overall effect and price of the home.  See picture.
The rest of my time is spent with this little fellow.  I can't believe he is actually turning 2!!!
He shares his mother's same humor and personality as dad did not find this as amusing.  I got the "just wait till he picks up a dirty pair and does that" speech.  Oh dad, relax!  lol. No underwear or child was harmed during this photo. 

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