Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have a confession.  I finished a table today that has been in the works for almost 3 months!  Ugh...  But with a side of "ahhhhhh".    I have so many visions for tables and I just don't have space or time to complete them so when one gets finished it is such a relief I almost take a nap afterwards.  When I finished this table today I went inside, got a chair, tea, and phone and sat with feet propped up.  As to say "job well done body, job well done.".  LOL.   I am so sore.  I have to give mad props to my husband for helping me because when I took on this project I did not take into account how heavy it would be and that I would not be able to complete it by myself.  So happy with my choice in a strong husband today.  ha!  

Anyways, enough talk, here is the table. 

I love the look of it and get so excited about furniture! I will admit I did sit and stare for awhile after it was done.  There is something so beautiful about turning stacks of a wood pile into what you see here. 

The stain on this table is the vinegar, steel wool mixture.  

Awww...I am in love with the finish.  Even if it did take a 5 step process. Yes, those are 6x6 legs!  

So there she is and now listed on our Etsy shop page HERE. Of course it is only for local pickup or delivery. I am going back to resting as tomorrow is complete orders day!  Thank you to all who have supported Rustic, it means so much to me and my family!!! 


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