Monday, March 31, 2014


My new house. 

I can't sleep and I am having a very hard time focusing.  I am so excited and nervous I can barely stand it!  The hubby and I randomly drive by the new expected house just to get a glimpse to ease the wait time before closing.   Pinterest can not even stand me anymore with all the pins and steady searching for the "perfect look".  

I think until we finally get the keys this will not seem real.  Can I finally decorate a house that is my very own? Ahhhh! YES!  

But on to our REAL life.  Our son has his first sleep over this weekend!  I wish I had taken some cute pictures of them playing or even snuggled up sleeping, but I don't think that fast.  I did manage to snap a few of them fishing the following day at a local farm.  It was one of those beautiful spring days here in Florida where the sky was so blue you found yourself staring and admiring the very beauty it all is...

One OTHER thing that is helping keep me busy are the sudden surge of "likes" and purchases for our Easter Sack bags found HERE.  We will stop selling these on April 14th, so get yours now!  

~ Steph

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