Friday, May 15, 2009

The Last 2 Months

So I keep feeling like we are still in the month of March. Where does time go? Time is flying by faster every year I get older especially if that year is filled with some tuff times. Its like we somehow miss out on life happening because we are focused on one specific life event. For me it was our miscarriage. March and April had a lot stuff happening in them, but seem to have flown by the fastest. Funny, I guess that is why God is always telling me to keep my eyes focused on Him. So we can appreciate our days a little more and let him worry about what the future will bring.

Speaking of future.......Will and I are busy working these days getting ready for our friends wedding in Pittsburgh on June 19. We are really excited to be a part of it and I am also excited to see that area especially where Will grew up.

We have also been busy excersing since we turned our guest bedroom into a work out room. Will has been busy with p90x and I with my ellipitcal. I am not so much enjoying this process and having to admit to ourselves that since we got married we let ourselves go a little. blah! But I want to look and feel better by my 30th bday in July, so I will keep at it!!! Hello bathing suit season, goodbye baggy hoodies, you will be missed.


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