Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving on

Its been awhile since my last update, not that much hasn't happened, just didn't want to write about it, yet. I would have to say that in the month of March Will and I have been to more doctor appointments and I have more tests than I would like to think about. It has been hard since we found out that we had the miscarriage because even though it was over, it wasn't over.

The doctor had made the decision to give the body time to work things out naturally but when that didn't happen I got fustrated. I gave it as much time as I could. I will admit I wanted to move on. The hardest part for me was waking up every morning and having to remind myself that I was not pregnant and having to say it outloud so that it could sink in. I realize that I did not carry the baby that long, but it was still hard to take in.

We met with the doctor on Friday, April 10th and made the decision to do a D & C (Dilation and Curettage) since I had no bleeding and no sign of anything happening naturally. I had this done on Monday, April 13th at the Indian River Hospital.

I have had a little more pain the last couple of days but it is getting better and Will and I are moving on. I want to say a special thank you to one family member in particular, Kathleen and AJ, your words and your gift have touched our heart so much and we are so thankful to call you family, love you! Our whole family has been awesome throughout this entire situation and we couldn't have felt more love. Everyday we feel blessed even though the trial has been hard, our family reminds us that God loves us so much and is not going to let us forget it.

We look forward to the future and future good news ;)


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