Sunday, March 15, 2009

God and I

I have neglated my blog because I couldn't write about what was really going on in our life right now, but I would like to finally write some about it or I guess ask a question to the small group of readers I might have out there.

Why are the most delicate blessings from God sometimes the hardest ones to take in at first? Is it because he wants us to truly appreciate what he is giving us, or is it a test of some sorts? Sometimes I wish I really could sit down with God with a cup of hot tea and ask away. I sometimes imagine it.......Me telling my funny joke, and probably be the only one laughing and God telling me how he first imagined me and knew that I would always question things. I imagine his eyes comforting and his smile peaceful and warming.

Then I wake up and realize that it was only a dream. In this relationship with God I also find myself wanting to be closer, wanting to see those eyes and feel His hugs.


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