Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today I am stuck with the "did I make the right decision?" phase.  Feeling so scattered and trying to pull everything together my mind is left running in circles.  I hate having to do things 2 or 3 times to get it right and lately it feels as though that is ALL I am doing.  I am just into my first month at taking Rustic full time and I am scared more now then I was before.  It could do with the fact that I am trying to juggle too many things and not getting myself out there.  But i am discouraged none the less.  I ran across the below picture on facebook and it was just what I needed to read today. 

I need to stop trying to make everything fit before I find that peace, I need to find peace first.  And luckily I know just where to look.  I cannot allow fear to absorb my thoughts and time.  I need to overcome and press on, afterall I am a fighter.  


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